Practical Applications
Afterglass is definitely a new concept for the age old problem of window covering. However, there are many practical applications that Afterglass can make itself right at home.

Workspace or office setting
Afterglass film provides an alternative to a normally open concept glass space to be customizable to the various circumstances of a changing workplace…Board rooms can have full privacy when needed, along with full large white board capability for group brainstorming .

In our high-rise crowded cities the worst thing is having your neighbour at an arms length away staring in and making a very comfortable space feel very uneasy. When you get home and want to unplug from the world with your family, the last thing you want is feeling intruded on by your close but distant neighbours. Afterglass provides one hundred percent privacy on demand at the flick of a switch or activated by your smart phone.

Afterglass film provides a clean hygienic option for room dividers and windows by avoiding dusty curtains, UV protection and reduced glare for patient comfort.

Afterglass film filters out 99% of harmful UV radiation from sensitive skin, as well as doubling as a white board for simple presentation tools.

Rear Projection
Afterglass film used as a display for large projection drops, instantly turning a clear glass partition into a large clean area for presentation.